Disclaimer to Transact Online

Caution: It will be the sole responsibility of the Client who uses the Online facility to ensure that the Username and Password is kept confidential and not revealed / disclosed to any third party, including any person claiming to represent Y S CAPITAL. The client must take all possible care to prevent discovery of the User name and password by any person.

Disclaimer: This site can potentially experience technical outages for reasons beyond our immediate control. In such an event, Y S CAPITAL will endeavour to restore functionality at the earliest and request you to bear with us. Y S CAPITAL and its service providers who support this site will not be liable for resultant suspension of services. Please refer to the relevant terms and conditions.

Accuracy of Information: I agree that if I notice any error in the account information supplied to me through the Online facility, I shall advise Y S CAPITAL of the same as soon as possible. Y S CAPITAL shall endeavour to correct the error. All outputs of statements are duplicate statements of account and are prepared by electronic means and the information contained therein will be extracted from a computerized backup system maintained by the Y S CAPITAL. I agree if I notice any discrepancy in the transaction or portfolio viewed online by me, I shall intimate Y S CAPITAL of such discrepancy within 30 days of the viewing of such transaction confirmation. While Y S CAPITAL will take all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the statement, Y S CAPITAL is not liable for any error. I agree that I shall hold Y S CAPITAL harmless against any loss, damages etc that may be incurred /suffered by me, if the information contained in the online facility is inaccurate/incorrect.

Liability: I agree that I shall be liable for the losses from unauthorized transactions through this website if I have breached any of the Terms and Conditions herein or caused the loss by my negligent actions.