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    Portfolio Managment App

    In keeping with the times, we have been
    constantly improving on our customer
    experiences. We have developed our own
    Apps for Android and Apple phones.
    This will enable our customers to
    view and transact any time
    anywhere in the world.

    Download on the App Store
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    Investing For Tomorrow

    We at Y S CAPITAL have always advocated
    for long term wealth generation as
    making money is always the easier part,
    it is the wealth generation that
    requires expertise and patience

    "Someone is sitting in
    the shade today because
    someone planted a tree
    a long time ago"
    - Warren Buffett

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    If a child, a spouse or a parent
    depends on you or your
    you, for sure,
    need a Life Insurance

    "I don't call it 'Life Insurance', I call it 'Love Insurance'.
    We buy it because we want to leave a legacy for those we love"
    - Farshad Asl


Our Mission,
Values and Motto

India's diverse and comprehensive financial services industry has been growing rapidly, owing to higher disposable incomes, customized financial solutions, new service providers, financial solutions and products.

Having been established in the year 2001, we at Y S CAPITAL provide comprehensive financial services to our clients including products such as Mutual Funds, PMS, AIFs, Bonds, Fixed Deposits, Life Insurance and other products and solutions. Our services are provided to a diverse client base including resident individuals and NRIs, private businesses and public charitable Trusts who demand the very best of professional services as well as have the desire for us to maintain their exclusivity and confidentiality.

Transparency, Integrity and Ethics are values with which we work each day so that our clients make the right choices of investing in products and solutions which can help them achieve their financial security and goals towards long term sustainable wealth creation and preservation.

Yogesh Sharma

Founder & CEO


What we bring to you


We are the leaders

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